Citizen engagement

4 key points to consider BEFORE your city moves to digital services

Thu, 2016-08-04 23:30 -- Doug Peeples

With many cities facing chronically tight budgets and the need to expand services to meet the changing demands of growing populations, switching to digital services can often be the right choice. Our story explains some of the critical elements to consider when moving services online and how to provide maximum benefits for citizens and do it cost-effectively.

Street light success: Asking residents what they want is a bright idea

Fri, 2016-05-13 18:30 -- Kevin Ebi

Energy-efficient LEDs can certainly help cut the cost of lighting your streets, but those savings can rapidly vanish if you don’t install them right the first time. Some cities spend hundreds of thousands of dollars redoing their installations. See what you can do to save yourself the trouble.

The Illinois plan to leap-frog to the front of the smart city race

Wed, 2016-05-04 18:30 -- Kevin Ebi

Illinois spends more on technology than virtually every other state, but it gets the least from that investment. Now on its way to making up for a 40-plus-year technology deficit, it plans to become the first smart state. And its approach for action could work for your city.

Bechtel and Edmonton: how to make a smart light rail project work

Wed, 2016-05-04 18:30 -- Doug Peeples

The Edmonton Valley Line, a new light rail project in Edmonton, Alberta, is expected to help meet the growing needs of Canada's second fastest-growing city. It's also the first project for Bechtel's new Public-Private Partnership line of business. Read the story to learn more, and pay particular attention to the important role continuing public involvement has played.

Disaster brought this community together (use these tips even when things are OK)

Wed, 2016-04-27 18:30 -- Kevin Ebi

Can you imagine building a community master plan in just three months? Constitución, Chile, did it and the results are something truly to behold. While disaster gave it the sense of urgency, its approach and the tactics it used are worth considering to build engagement even if times are good in your city.

Five keys to delivering the city (or state) your citizens want

Wed, 2016-04-27 18:30 -- Kevin Ebi

As Illinois embarks on a journey to become America’s first smart state, it got valuable advice through a Smart States event about how to identify and build people-centered solutions, which is at the heart of governance. Read on for five tips that you can put to work as you craft your own strategies.

Organizing your smart city: how one Canadian community found its way

Wed, 2016-04-27 18:30 -- Doug Peeples

The Canadian city of St. Albert has numerous smart city services and projects in place and an ambitious goal of becoming a "smart city centre of excellence." But in the beginning there was no plan of action, no roadmap to guide St. Albert's smart city transition. If your city is planning a smart city transformation, St. Albert's experience and how its city leaders chose to proceed may give you some ideas you can use.

Planning your smart city projects? Don't forget who they're for

Wed, 2016-04-27 18:30 -- Doug Peeples

Citizen engagement -- city residents participating in the decisions that affect their lives and future -- is an essential part of smart city planning. But if you're a little fuzzy on its importance, read what the deputy mayor of a mid-sized city said about the benefits of doing it well and the possible consequences of doing it poorly or not at all. We also share some tools to help you get to know your citizens better.