Data management

Making sense of smart buildings (and why they matter)

Fri, 2016-03-18 18:30 -- Doug Peeples

Smart grids. Smart cities. And a market coming into its own: smart buildings. It's fairly easy to see how smart grids and smart cities are intertwined. Progressive utilities and cities share many of the same technologies and goals. Smart buildings do too, as it becomes increasingly apparent the 21st century's commercial buildings need to be more than big energy-guzzling boxes.

A little help for your data woes? (Courtesy of the White House)

Fri, 2016-03-11 19:30 -- Doug Peeples

As important and effective as data analytics and management tools are for smart city planning and development, not every city has the resources to take advantage of it. But a new White House initiative, the Opportunity Project, could go a long way toward solving that problem. Is this something your city could use?

Want a smart energy future for your city? Here are 2 tools you really need

Fri, 2016-03-04 19:30 -- Doug Peeples

Many cities that want a sustainable, reliable energy future are going with renewables, advanced metering, energy efficiency programs or a combination of those and other technologies. Many others are planning to do the same. Regardless of your approach, data analytics and sensors are key to making it all work. Read the story to learn why.

Pioneering cities wanted for European interoperability pilot (funding available)

Fri, 2016-02-12 19:30 -- SCC Partner

If you’re in Europe and you are interested in bringing together spatial and temporal data to improve your city, check out a new pilot city request that could provide some funds to help you do the work. The project is led by the Open Geospatial Consortium, which advocates for an open, vendor-neutral standards platform.

How Los Angeles uses maps to help the city run more smoothly

Wed, 2016-02-10 19:30 -- Doug Peeples

Los Angeles recently fired up its GeoHub, a platform that gathers the numerous types of map data from city departments and makes it available in ways that help employees do their jobs more efficiently and transparently. And citizens can tap into it too. Read the story to see if this idea could work for your city.

How (and why!) Boston uses Open Data to show what's going wrong

Fri, 2016-02-05 19:30 -- Kevin Ebi

Politicians usually try to hide bad news, but in Boston, it’s displayed on a giant virtual scoreboard alongside the good. It’s part of the city’s new open data CityScore dashboard, designed to build public trust and encourage city staff to do better. See if the approach is right for you.

Can open data take some of the guesswork out of farming? Definitely

Fri, 2016-02-05 19:30 -- Doug Peeples

At a time when climate change has the potential to threaten our food supplies, farmers can use all the help they can get. A competition arranged by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Council Lead Partner Microsoft yielded several innovative ways to ensure a sustainable, resilient food supply -- and they all relied on open data.