Data management

World's most powerful industrial park is a template for smart cities

Mon, 2013-09-23 22:24 -- Jesse Berst

Take a look at the remarkable progress of China's Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP). China's Ministry of Commerce ranks SIP as the most competitive industrial park in the country. We think it's the most competitive in the world and predict you will agree once you read its astounding accomplishments.

What an award-winning smart highway teaches us about smart cities

Wed, 2013-09-04 18:30 -- Jesse Berst

A post from ArchDaily reminds us that we've got lots of smart technology and lots of data, but even so we're missing a couple of things. One is the kind of knock-you-down creativity you'll see in an award-winning smart highway project. We've got video and details at the site.

Report: Big growth in building energy management systems (but big hurdles too)

Wed, 2013-08-14 18:40 -- Jesse Berst

A Navigant Research report predicts worldwide revenues for building energy management systems (BEMS) will more than double by 2020. If it weren't for two roadblocks – one of which is the appalling lack of standards – we suspect growth would be even more dramatic.