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Smart Infrastructure Unlocks Equity and Prosperity for Our Cities and Towns

As the 2016 U.S. elections focused attention on national priorities, the Smart Cities Council released a policy brief detailing how smart infrastructure investments in our cities and towns will create jobs and promote greater prosperity for all. Click to download the full report.

India Readiness Guide


The India Readiness Guide has over 400 pages and total of fourteen chapters. There are more than 80 relevant case studies, with half of them focusing on the Indian context as well as some providing a global perspective. Case studies cited include those from Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Surat, Jabalpur, Hyderabad, Indore etc.

Smart Cities Readiness Guide


The Smart Cities Readiness Guide is the first collaborative and comprehensive framework for a smart city, against which cities can assess their readiness to innovate – identifying a path, taking next steps and measuring their progress. Updated in August 2015, the new version features more than 50 new case studies and new chapter content.

Smart Cities: Best of the Best


Like it or not, cities today compete with each other for talent and jobs. It makes sense, therefore, to track the leaders to study what they have done right. And to study those who did it wrong. This compendium of city rankings, scores and predictions provides some of both. It is available exclusively to members of the Smart Cities Council.