Shaping New Age Urban Systems Energy, Connectivity & Climate Resilience

Fri, 2015-06-05 14:27 -- SCC India Staff

Indian cities are struggling to accommodate the accelerated pace of urbanization – resulting in crumbling urban infrastructure and unaffordable options for urban accommodation

Urbanization  is  only  bound  to  rise – with  a  manufacturing - led,  knowledge  driven economy  forming  the  core focus of India’s efforts at creating a ‘step change’ in economic growth. Our industrial growth ecosystem must be planned and created – liveable cities will need to enable people to live and work near production zones.

By 2031, the urban share of GDP is expected to rise from 52% to 75%.  The  national level of urbanisation in India will rise from 31% in 2011 to 50% by 2031, and more than 600 million Indians will choose to live in urban areas. Urban  areas  of  the  future  will  be  clustered – almost  50%  of  all  future  urban  Indians  will  be concentrated in 87 metropolitan cities.