Shaping Sustainable Smart Cities in India

Fri, 2015-09-18 16:04 -- SCC India Staff

A smart city is efficient, connected, sustainable over a long-term, self-contained, self-supporting and aesthetic. With five decaded of experience of developing cities, Egis envisages the role of the ICT network as an integrator of the essentials that cities in India are made of. Read on to find out what are the key attributes of sustainable Smart City according to Egis.

GE smart cities: Why a 'burning platform' will help ignite success

Tue, 2013-06-04 00:06 -- Jesse Berst

Mike Carlson's background helped him become one of the smart grid's true change agents. Today he leads an important part of GE's smart grid and smart city effort. When we sat down to talk we were reminded how perceptive he is. City leaders shouldn't miss his insights on how to get smart city traction.

Itron's Smart Cities Strategy: Q&A with CEO Philip Mezey

Fri, 2013-04-19 05:35 -- Jesse Berst

Philip Mezey combines a distinguished countenance with boyish curiosity and enthusiasm. In 2012, after an external search to find a replacement for the retiring LeRoy Nosbaum, the company realized it had the ideal candidate in house and named Mezey President and CEO.

Alstom's Smart City Game Plan: Q&A with Laurent Schmitt

Thu, 2013-03-28 04:05 -- Jesse Berst

Laurent Schmitt is a compact man with an air of old-world politesse. He has worked in several executive capacities in different parts of Alstom, the $26-billion French maker of power and transport equipment. He started with the company in sales in 2000, back when it was Areva T&D (before its acquisition by Alstom). From there, he climbed the ladder through marketing and then roles in strategy and business development.