Concept Note on Smart City Scheme

Wed, 2015-06-03 16:37 -- SCC India Staff

Government has decided on developing 100 "Smart Cities"  in  the country.  Accordingly,  in  his  budget  speech  of  July  2014,  the  Finance Minister has stated as follows:

"As the fruits of development reach an increasingly large number of people, the pace of migration from the rural areas to the cities is increasing. A neo middle class is emerging which has  the  aspiration  of  better  living  standards.  Unless,  new cities  are  developed  to accommodate  the  burgeoning  number  of  people,  the existing cities  would  soon  become unliveable. The Prime Minister has a vision of developing 'one hundred Smart Cities', as satellite towns of larger cities and by modernising the existing mid-sized cities."