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Scan this section for information on the fundamentals of the smart city sector. To further narrow your search, click on one of the topic areas to the right underneath "Smart City Concepts."

The smart city sector is still in the "I know it when I see it" phase, without a universally agreed definition. The Council defines a smart city as one that has digital technology embedded across all city functions; click on any of the articles below for additional perspectives.

City residents need certain essential services for their health, happiness and prosperity. We call those services Responsibilities, since the city has a responsibility to ensure that residents have access.

The Built Environment – which includes all of a city's buildings, parks and public spaces -- is critically important. Though most of the Built Environment is not city-owned, a city government still has enormous influence over what is inside its city limits.

Modern technologies enable a rich new set of communications capabilities that help ensure cities are not only connected in meaningful ways with their citizens, but also aid fast and efficient interdepartmental and interagency communications.

Concept Note on Smart City Scheme

Wed, 2015-06-03 16:37 -- SCC India Staff

Government has decided on developing 100 "Smart Cities" in the country. Accordingly, in his budget speech of July 2014, the Finance Minister has stated "As the fruits of development reach an increasingly large number of people, the pace of migration from the rural areas to the cities is increasing. A neo middle class is emerging which has the aspiration of better living standards. Unless, new cities are developed to accommodate the burgeoning number of people, the existing cities would soon become unliveable. The Prime Minister has a vision of developing 'one hundred Smart Cities', as satellite towns of larger cities and by modernising the existing mid-sized cities."

Smart Cities, Smart Diplomacy

Fri, 2015-01-30 05:46 -- SCC Staff

Much has been written about India's quest to build 100 smart cities. This brief video from India's Ministry of External Affairs provides a high-level overview of India's plans to tranform its urban landscape and its diplomatic efforts to reach out to other nations -- the U.S., Japan, Singapore and Australia among them -- to help make it happen.