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Hyderabad to host Smart Urbanation summit


As Smart Cities Mission is completing three years this June 2018, Smart Cities Council India, part of the global consortium of smart cities, is organising the fifth Smart Cities Summit- Smart Urbanation at Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC), Hyderabad from March 22-23 to analyse the learnings and impact assessment.

Smart city initiative faces challenges in India


Investments towards the making of smart cities has been approved to the tune of $1,91,155 crore, but only a trickle of the fund approved has been utilized for the purpose, due to which criticism from various sectors for not utilizing them has been heard, said Pratap Padode, Founder, Smart Cities Council India during the announcement for the upcoming 5th Smart Cities Summit, to be held in the city.

Fifth Smart City Summit on March 22


Hyderabad would play host to another global meet ‘Smart City Summit - SM@RT Urbanation’ to commemorate three years of the initiation of Smart Cities Mission. It would provide a platform for various stakeholders to connect, review and consider steps on completing or taking up new projects, said Pratap Padode, founder & director, Smart Cities Council India.

Smart city slot for Shillong kept on hold due to Meghalaya elections: Puri


The slot for the 10th smart city, Shillong, which was selected in the fourth smart cities round, has been kept on hold as the city is yet to submit its proposal.The Centre had announced the final list of nine smart cities in January this year and had kept the slot for the tenth city, Shillong, vacant as it could not submit its proposal on time. The proposal is yet to be submitted.

Demystifying the current state of India's ambitious Smart City Mission


The conversion of a large, crowded and unplanned city in India to a Smart City is currently an impossible scenario to imagine. Taking a smaller town, not overrun by people, vehicles and multiple layers of red tape or ‘babudom’, and converting it into an ideal, intelligent, self-sufficient and secure ecosystem is still workable.

We Believe that Smart City Technology has the Power to Transform India: Pratap Padode, Founder & Executive Director, Smart Cities Council India


When defining “smart water for smart cities” we must first explain why such an intervention is necessary. Smart Water systems are needed in order to make an effective use of water resources, and provide an efficient water infrastructure to a country that experiences droughts and shortages of water every year. For example, using intelligent water systems, technology is used to make an effective use of water resources by increasing the number of pathways for water circulation

Smart City projects need CCTV video surveillance standards to ensure future stability of data, say experts


The Indian government's project to have a 100 Smart Cities, which was launched in June 2015, looks quite ambitious at the outset. While the cities have been identified and work has started on some of them, there are a lot of underlying aspects that need to be addressed. One of them, according to the Smart Cities Council India, is the need for the growth of video surveillance security in India and development of surveillance standards.

Navi Mumbai: Most constructions coming up are illegal, CIDCO issues warning to buyers


CIDCO is warning the public against investing in illegal constructions coming up in Navi Mumbai airport area. Work on the Navi Mumbai airport is on, but so is work around the area, most of it illegal.
As the new airport inches towards becoming a reality, construction activities are mushrooming in and around the notified area, with most of them not having adhered to the mandatory NAINA compliance - gaothan plots are being developed without permission.

Cities Must Invest In Video Surveillance For Safer Cities: Experts


There needs to be an emphasis on installing right surveillance standards and industry best practices for effective surveillance that ensures safety and peace of mind for citizens. As the cities will grow smarter and more futuristic, IT, especially the Video surveillance will play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of the cities in future, industry experts in the Smart Cities ecosystem feels.