Digital India can be a huge fillip for healthcare and education

Mon, 2015-08-31 16:06 -- Pratap Padode

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Digital India project, which aims to offer a one-stop shop for government services, would use the mobile phone as the backbone of its delivery mechanism. Five hundred million people will come together on the Internet. This has never happened before anywhere in the world.

How aggregators like Uber & Ola are smartening the city & life at the bottom of the pyramid

Mon, 2015-08-31 15:49 -- Pratap Padode

With growing urbanisation, the need for reliable mobility services has become critical. There is a huge gap in supply and demand of public transport with decreased resources and increased commuters. But whether this could result in a significant mployment opportunity alongwith an ability of enhancing the lives of people at the bottom of the pyramid, was not expected. Drivers who earned upto Rs 10,000 a month now earn over Rs. 50,000 and upto Rs. 90,000 a month prompting many students also taking up these jobs to fund their education.

Why cycling should be mandatory in smart cities

Mon, 2015-08-31 15:35 -- Pratap Padode

The vast majority of city street journeys take place in cars. Despite being clean and green with a host of health benefits, cycling is really popular in only a few countries. Potential accidents, the lack of a cycle-friendly infrastructure and worries about rain and cold keep many from hopping on a two-wheeled horse, even though bicycles are fast, clean, healthy and inexpensive. In the UK, US and Australia, for example, only about 1 per cent of all journeys are made on a bike. But there are exceptions, of course: in the Netherlands, the number is 27 per cent, and in Danish capital Copenhagen, over half the population cycles regularly.

Why AMRUT can be a bigger game changer

Mon, 2015-08-31 15:05 -- Pratap Padode

Do you know that if one lays down the cities of India in the descending order of their population, the 200th city has only 2,00,000 population. So changing the face of cities through the Smart Cities mission and AMRUT essentially means changing the face of cities with a smaller population. Colonypara in the Sunderbans through sheer determination, hard work, and local leadership of women, spread across 15 villages, joined hands to build more than 10 kilometres of brick roads, connecting several previously inaccessible villages. This has changed their lives as these villages were subject to the fury of nature in the form floods and disastrous cyclones that are frequent in this vast tract of forest and saltwater swamp. In small cities of population ranging from 1,00,000 to 3,00,000, small infrastructure development can turn out to be a big game changer.

KDMC seeking opinions of citizens for smartening

Mon, 2015-08-31 10:40 -- SCC India Staff

Kalyan: As news emerged about the lists declared by Ministry of Urban development, Kalyan Dombivli city bore a huge smile. They were in the nominees. Smart Cities Council India held the third of its Promising Cities seminar at Kalyan on the same day. Smt. Kalyani Patil, Honourable Mayor, KDMC, chief guest at the event, addressed a gathering of urban development planners and experts from the construction industry.

National Conclave on Smart Technologies

Mon, 2015-08-31 10:34 -- SCC Staff

International and national experts on technologies and smart cities along with urban development officials from across India – constituting 600 cities covering the100 smart cities and 500 AMRUT cities – came together at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre to participate in the National Conclave on Smart Technologies on August 22-23, 2015. The event was hosted by Smart Cities Council India and co-hosted by the Telangana government. The organized expo provided a platform for various national and international industry leaders as well as promising technology entrepreneurs to showcase their expertise in smart technology applications, and an opportunity for smart cities professionals to get connected and share ideas to build and transform smart cities in India.

Promising Cities Seminar, Thane

Mon, 2015-08-31 10:23 -- SCC India Staff

In February 2015, Smart Cities Council India named India’s 20 Most Promising Cities and Thane was among them. Taking this recognition to the next level, the council started working towards catalysing the smart journey of the promising cities and planned to organise seminars at these cities. The first seminar was held on July 10 this year in Ahmedabad; on August 4, the second was organised in Thane.

The new development plan should take a ‘holistic view’

Mon, 2015-08-31 10:15 -- SCC India Staff

As per the Maharashtra Region and Town Planning Act, every municipal corporation must prepare a development plan to be implemented over 20 years. The last time a development plan was prepared for Mumbai was way back in 1981 and it was adopted 13 years later in 1994. So, a new development plan, which would be valid for 20 years, needed to be prepared and ratified by 2014, to be in force till 2034