Zero Waste Chennai project launched to make Chennai garbage free

Tue, 2019-06-04 17:20 -- SCC India Staff

Zero Waste

Taking Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Swachch Bharat’ campaign to the next level, the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) and the Citizen Consumer and Civic Action Group (CAG) has signed an MoU for the Zero Waste Chennai project. The project was is to be implemented for the first time in the capital city of Tamil Nadu.

“There is an emphasis for managing waste in a decentralised manner in Chennai since the two landfills, Kodungaiyur and Perungudi, which are currently being used by the Greater Chennai Corporation have reached their maximum capacity, following which the idea for Zero Waste Chennai was conceived,” says Vamsi Shankar Kapilavai, a researcher at CAG.

The program aims to individually cover all 15 zones in the city, which comprise of 200 wards in total, following the success of the pilot which was implemented in Ward 100, Anna Nagar, earlier this month. Kapilavai says that they had conducted door to door campaigns during the pilot and is confident about the project.

Elaborating on the MoU, Kapilavai said that there are very few cities in India which have a decentralized waste management system and with this MoU, Chennai has now joined their ranks.

Managing waste in a decentralized manner involves dividing the waste management system into sub-systems among the 15 zones in Chennai, with each ward being able to manage the waste generated within the ward itself. This is where the Zero Waste Chennai programme kicks in.