Work starts on UP's first smart city project Navyug

Wed, 2015-10-21 18:13 -- SCC India Staff

The construction work has started for Navyug Housing and Commercial Project in Allahabad, which is billed as the state's first smart city project in the greenfield category.

The Rs 600 crore project situated on the Allahabad-Kanpur highway would be developed under the private sector and REPL, which has been empaneled by the central government along with some other agencies, as a specialist consultant for developing smart cities, has been roped as its knowledge partner.

Explaing the the project to the media, the PN Misra, the chairman and managing director of New Modern Buildwell said "there are three categories of Smart Cities that the central government's policy envisages. One is to develop existing cities into Smart Cities by completely transforming them. Second category is of using vacant spaces in existing cities to provide Smart City features to the residents and the third is developing new townships as Smart Cities. The Navyug project falls in the third category".

"Navyug would offer regular power supply, pre-paid meters, world class communication system with optical fibre connection, Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and provide a lifestyle not seen by residents of the city. For instance the sewage system and STP would have sensors to ensure periodic cleaning and alert about any problem cropping up. Day to day civic or municipality related issues would be handled internally to provide a hassle free life to professionals living here" PN Mishra was quoted by Hindustan Times newspaper.

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