WB uses India's only arsenic treatment system (it uses Bayoxide E33)

Wed, 2016-11-23 10:21 -- SCC India Staff

Arsenic contamination

Arsenic contamination in Indian subcontinent's groundwater is unarguably the worst form of water poisoning in the world. News and government reports suggest that in India, around 7.4 crore people spread across 12 states and beyond have been already affected due to arsenic contamination. However, a small intervention towards this issue has been taken.

AdEdge Water Technologies (AdEdge) and InNow LLC have built and commissioned India’s first-ever arsenic treatment system in West Bengal. InNow India Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of InNow LLC, a US-based company, set up to commercialise selected emerging technologies in water & wastewater treatment applications in India and Asian countries. AdEdge has extensive experience in the removal of arsenic from water, as well as other contaminants, including iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, fluoride, nitrate and uranium.

Although it is a demonstration project (which will last for the next three months), the exercise will allow the company to compete domestically in upcoming tenders. Apart from West Bengal, the company is also in the process of sharing similar technologies with states like Assam, Punjab and Bihar.

How it works

The arsenic treatment system uses Bayoxide® E33 adsorptive media in the process. Bayoxide® E33 is the industry standard for arsenic removal and reduces up to 99 per cent of the contaminant. This revolutionary new iron-based granular adsorption media has 4 to 10 times the capacity of many adsorption media. AdEdge’s product is specifically designed for commercial and residential POE and small systems to meet the EPA arsenic standard of 10 ppb.

The new E33 media can be discarded when spent and requires no chemicals or regeneration. It has become the premier product of choice for POE whole-house drinking water treatment systems for reliable, cost-effective and proven reduction of arsenic.

E33 provides cost-effective centralised arsenic treatment with a typical life of 2-3 years before replacement. The media exhibits high operating capacity across a wide range of pH, influent arsenic concentrations and flow rates. It is simple to apply in standard POE vessels with typical flow rates of 2-10 gallons per minute. Once the media is exhausted, E33 can be discarded as non-hazardous waste and specific state requirements will be satisfied. The media is easy to handle and can be conveniently shipped.