Waterless urinals, smart metering and much more (Cities can learn from TCA)

Mon, 2016-12-26 11:07 -- SCC India Staff


The Tata Central Archives (TCA), the corporate business archives of the Tata group, has set an example by continuously implementing measurable strategies and solutions in five categories: site & facility management, water efficiency, energy efficiency, health & comfort, and innovation.

The corporation managed the task against impossible odds. Electricity supplies to facilities like streetlights had been manually operated, a difficult task during the monsoon. According to TCA, the energy performance in its building has improved by more than 32 per cent. This is mainly due to deployment of power-saving VRF air-conditioning units, LED installations and solar panels, to name a few.

That apart, the building is equipped with smart retrofits like waterless urinals, smart metering, measurement, and verification which have reduced the consumption of domestic supplied water by 40 per cent. Also, a unique soil bio-technology STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) has been installed to recycle grey water for landscaping reuse.

To promote the use of renewable energy, the building has an on-site grid tied solar photovoltaic (PV) installation which generates 54,000 kWh (electrical units) annually.

TCA follows a stringent segregated waste management policy leading to best practices in solid waste management including a tie-up with SWAACH, an e-waste-processing NGO under the Pune Municipal Corporation. On-site dry waste including waste paper is sent out for paper pulp conversion and on-site vermin-composting helps in composting food, kitchen and landscaping waste.

Further, the futuristic building is equipped with several key features including portable fire extinguishers with clean agents. In 2006, TCA became the first business archive in the country to receive the ISO 9001:2000 certification.