For waste segregation, Mohali comes up with unique solution

Fri, 2019-11-22 10:57 -- SCC India Staff

waste segregation

The Mohali Municipal Corporation (MC) has constituted teams to check the ground reality of garbage segregation at source. Directions have been issued by the MC Commissioner, Bhupinder Pal Singh, to issue warnings to residents if found flouting the orders and not segregating garbage at source.

“The teams will first educate residents and urge them to adopt garbage segregation at source religiously. Thereafter, if residents are found not adhering to the directions, they will be issued notices," said MC Commissioner.

Bhupinder Pal said: “We will have to take stern action to make this project a reality. Residents have adopted garbage segregation at a few places, but it is not adequate. People were given green and blue dustbins, but those were not used for segregating waste. We will first urge people and sensitise them to adopt the process, but if they fail, notices will be issued which can lead to heavy penalty.”

Currently, garbage segregation at source in Mohali remains a damp squib as in the past four years, after the inception of the concept; the Mohali municipal corporation has made futile exercises to make this a reality. Deadlines have been missed a number of times.

Giving another try, the MC has identified pockets primarily having larger institutions along with the residential areas which generate high quantity of garbage daily. While chalking out an action plan according to solid waste management 2016 rules, the MC has identified 62 such pockets which generate 30 kg garbage daily.

According to the action plan, earlier 100 kg and above garbage generating pockets were considered as bulk waste generating pockets, but with new rules, 30 kg and above pockets too fall under this category.

Mayor Kulwant Singh said: “This project requires full co-operation of residents, RWAs and councillors for making it a success. Identifying high-yielding garbage pockets and making residents adopt garbage segregation at source will make us reach at logical end of the project.”