Vijaywada all set to bid adieu to parking woes (city to get smart parking management soon)

Mon, 2017-11-20 15:21 -- SCC India Staff

Traffic woes

With families getting smaller and the total number of vehicles surpassing the total number of heads per family, India is facing a new issue nowadays – lack of adequate parking space. Earlier this problem was only with the metro cities, but now even the tier II cities are facing the same problem.

In Vijaywada, vehicle parking has been a constant issue for motorists who visit Eluru Road, Mahatma Gandhi Road, One Town and Governorpet. Addressing this issue, the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) has tapped Smart Parking India Private Limited of Chennai to launch smart parking management system on a pilot basis at 20 locations under ‘on-street’ and ‘off street’ categories. With this, motorists can bid adieu to their parking woes around the city.

Currently, the city has around 50 parking lots at various locations for two wheelers and four-wheelers, offering services at Rs 10 and Rs 20.

VMC has come up with smart parking concept to curb traffic menace on busy stretches and avoid fleecing commuters by swindlers. According to the civic body, estate department officials, motorists can access information about available parking space before they start from home. As part of the smart parking technology, the surface of the pavement will be fixed with vehicle detection sensors which will detect the presence of vehicles and send data to the central server.

The server will send information of vacant space to customers through a mobile app. Motorists will have to download the mobile application from the Google Play Store through which they can check parking space and book a slot, following which they will have 10 minutes to occupy the space before it lapses. Payment can be made through the app itself. However, motorists can also park in a slot without prior booking.

-Rahul Kamat