This unique water ATM converts drinking water from thin air

Tue, 2017-09-19 11:55 -- SCC India Staff

Water ATM

As kids, we must have witnessed magicians removing various objects from thin air; however those were just an illusion. That said, Delhi is in limelight again, but for some different reason. The city’s Connaught place area now can create water from thin air. Interesting, isn’t it! The New Delhi Municipal Corporation has installed ‘Air to Water ATM’ in collaboration with a Israeli-based company Water-Gen. Meanwhile, the newly-installed ‘Air to Water ATM’ will make 500 litres of clean and safe drinking potable water from ordinary air everyday. However, during the dry season, it will fall from 500 litres to around 300 litres.

How it works
The machine traps the moisture in the air and passes it through different filters to clear out impurities. Then, the water vapour is condensed using a coolant. After the water vapour is condensed, minerals are added to produce water. Using one kilowatt of energy, the water ATM can produce four litres of drinking water. The price of water will depend on the energy consumed. The machine is available in three sizes – the smaller unit can produce 30 litres of drinking water, the medium one can produce 450-500 litres, and a large one can produce 3,000 litres per day.