An unique flush system that saves water!

Save water

With inadequate water in the flush or with an average Indian’s hesitation in flushing the toilet after use in public toilets, the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) has designed a prototype automatic urinal for men and women. The prototype would save a lot more water than conventional toilet systems in India and it doesn’t use power at all.

According to NEERI, the prototype consists of a bulged portion acting as a temporary water reservoir. When the person stands near the urinal to use it, the pre-specified quantity of water automatically gets loaded into the temporary water reservoir. When the person leaves, the water collected in the reservoir automatically gets dispensed into the urinal. Importantly, it is not a sensor-based urinal unlike deployed in fancy malls or five-star hotels in India.

NEERI claims that this urinal is better than those with automatic sensors being used. It is a fact that it doesn’t require power, and its installation is much cheaper. What’s more! Where most of the rural India lacks toilets, this prototype makes it suitable where both power and water come at a price. Moreover, it promises to save 90,000 litres of water a year by using one litre per flush, as opposed to four or five litres in a standard flushing toilet.

The urinal prototypes introduced under this project are for both men and women. Two units have already been installed within the NEERI campus. Apart from that, two units have been introduced in Kalmeshwar village, Nagpur, and two in a school in the same village.

The potential areas where the urinal can be introduced include rural and urban toilets, railway stations, bus stands, malls, airports, office, residences, colleges, schools and tourist spots.