Traffic offenders, beware! Pune traffic gets ‘Smart’

Tue, 2017-01-10 14:54 -- SCC India Staff

pune traffic

The next time you think of jumping a traffic signal, think twice. The Pune Smart City Development Corporation Ltd (PSCDCL)—with an aim to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of traffic on roads—is developing an Adaptive Traffic Management System (ATMS), which in turn will provide a secure and pleasant road experience to the citizens of Pune.

Of late, Pune city has been witnessing enormous growth in traffic volumes, which has resulted in several traffic problems in and around the city and increase in the number of road accidents.

For this, PSCDCL has called for request for proposals to establish an ATMS through a process of competitive bidding and selecting a bidder for supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of ATMS. March 03, 2017 is the last date to submit the bids.

To realise the benefits of ATMS, it is pertinent to adopt an approach that includes technology-based regulation, intervention, information and enforcement system to improve the mobility, discipline and safety on Pune roads. Therefore, ATMS is envisaged with multiple applications, including adaptive traffic signaling, red light violation detection (RLVD) systems, variable message signboards, traffic surveillance cameras, amongst others.

ATMS integrates various sub systems (CCTV, vehicle detection, communication, variable message signs, etc.) in a coherent single interface, providing real-time data on traffic status and predict traffic conditions for efficient planning and operations.

A system like ATMS shall aim to help Traffic Police to take proactive and reactive measures and ensure safe and smooth environment on road. Wherever the current Pune city CCTV surveillance system cameras can be utilised for the traffic management, necessary integration is to be expected.

As far as existing infrastructure is concerned, Pune Traffic Police [over the last few years] has put in a multi-layered structure of traffic signals to help commuters navigate traffic with ease. Pune Traffic Police has already installed around 336 traffic signal systems at various road intersections across the Pune city. A few of the surveillance cameras, which have been established under the Pune Safe City project, are being used to identify the traffic violators and issue e-Challans.

Pune has also put in place a command centre at Police Commissioner’s office to which the various surveillance and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras are connected.