Tower parking system to decongest parking menace

Thu, 2017-09-07 14:56 -- SCC India Staff

tower parking

Over the past decade, Mumbai has grown rapidly and has been witnessing a dearth of parking space, leading to road congestion due to the unorganized parking structure in the city. A bench of judges from the high court recently raised a concern with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on the city running out of pedestrian space in the next five years. That said, to tackle this, studies from the experts of infrastructure development wings in developed countries have suggested tower parking as the most-effective solution in de-congestion of densely populated cities.

Tower parking systems are the most common answer to the parking problems bringing in a plethora of advantages like optimal utilization of space, lower maintenance and operational costs, centralized operation and management, computerized tracking of cars, lower construction costs for builders by saving height and depth and comfortable for drivers. The layout of system is more compact and ensures better usage of parking area and replaces other systems with complete automatic operations and quick retrieval of the cars parked. No manual intervention means lesser breakdowns and thereby, hassle-free parking.

Key highlights and features:

  • High automaticity: Quick operation, getting in or out
  • High efficiency: With the help of PLC systems, human error is eliminated
  • Computerized recording: Computerized recording of requests helps fetching cars in a short span of time
  • Sizes from 10 to 100 cars: Can meet the demand of large parking needs
  • Parking or fetching a car quickly and no need to back car or turnaround due to automatic turntable, the car comes turned around for you
  • Closed completely: Parking or fetching cars is 100 per cent safe as all movement of the equipment is in the enclosed structure
  • Saves space: Space saving, design flexibility, diverse modeling helps providing the right model to suit the available space and also meet the car parking requirements
  • Less investment: Steel structure has better resale value compared to RCC at the end hour
  • Lower maintenance cost and easy operation: The system handles many cars in a small space
  • Centralized management or operating by clients are optional
  • Green environment protection: Doesn’t need gas or any other fuel for running
  • For huge cars: The weight of every car can be from 1.8 t (tonne) to 2.8 t – meets the demand of parking big and luxurious cars