Tamil Nadu issues bids for Smart City consultants

Mon, 2016-10-03 11:04 -- SCC India Staff


It looks like the Tamil Nadu government has finally taken some constructive steps towards its Smart City programme implementation. In a latest update, the Tamil Nadu Urban Finance and Infrastructure Development Corporation (TUFIDCO) has invited bids for Programme Management Consultants (PMCs) for Chennai Smart City Ltd and Coimbatore Smart City Ltd.

According to the bid document, the last date of submission is October 17, 2016. The bid document for the above assignments can be downloaded free of cost from the websites: http://www.tenders.tn.gov.in, http://cma.tn.gov.in, or www.tufidco.in.

The plan
Under the area-based development of Chennai Smart City, the government has selected T Nagar, for the project. Here, the Chennai SPV will be focusing on electrical network, water supply, sewerage, storm water drainage, solid waste management, IT connectivity and digitisation, sanitation, pedestrian friendly pathways and ramps, non-motorised transport, intelligent traffic management systems and retrofitting of green open spaces. Under the pan-city plan, smart solutions using information and communication technology have been proposed for non-motorised transport and water management. This will be implemented in the period between 2015-16 and 2019-20.

Meanwhile, the Coimbatore Smart City SPV has undertaken a holistic and transformative retrofit development approach for the area-based development of central Coimbatore. Under this, the SPV has chalked out integrated development of eight lakes in terms of flood management through restoration of channels, creation of a 30 km non-motorised corridor with green pathways and public cycle sharing connecting vantage points in the area, and comprehensive rehabilitation of 4,500 low-income households.

In addition, the area-based plan will provide 24x7 water supply and waste water management, solid waste management and Wi-Fi access points.