Sweden keen on India's smart city projects

Mon, 2015-06-08 10:31 -- SCC India Staff

Sweden, who is the official partner country at the 3-day Smart City Expo is very keen on partnering with the Government of India and Indian companies to build smart cities through public-private partnership (PPP) in states like Karnataka, Telangana and Maharashtra, as per a statement from the Swedish embassy here.

Fourteen Swedish companies, including the famed Volvo Group, Blueair, Cale Access, Cleanmotion, Clima Check, Envac, Form Consult, FOV Biogas, HiNation, Mimer Energy, NeoZeo, Opcon and Scania are showcasing their technologies at the event.

Inaugurating Sweden's pavilion at the Smart Cities Council 2015, Swedish ambassador Harald Sandberg said, "Sweden can undertake pilot projects to assist India to develop favourable policies and assist by bringing our technologies. Our 'SymbioCity' can provide a blueprint for the concept."

Anna Liberg, Trade Commissioner to India, Business Sweden India and South Asia shared that rather than adopting cities in India, Sweden will work on actual PPP model, to bring in their expertise and state-of-the-art knowledge and investment.

"Early signing of a pending memorandum of understanding (MOU) on an urban development framework between the two countries is also expected to facilitate greater collaboration," she added.

The India-Sweden two-way trade in 2014-15 was worth nearly $2.4 billion. There are 150 Swedish companies in India, considerable number of them in the field of urban development under the umbrella of smart cities.

Source: Business Standard