Surat Smart City set to take off with 24x7 water, LED lights and ITMS

Tue, 2016-06-21 10:36 -- SCC India Staff

Surat Smart City

Come June 25, Surat Smart City Development Ltd (SSCDL) is all set to begin a pilot demonstration of the SMArtCity Centre (SMAC), an Integrated Transport-Mobility Administration Centre (IT-MAC) and a slum redevelopment project on public-private partnership (PPP) basis comprising 4,350 units of affordable housing. The three pilot projects are amongst the six ‘quick-win’ envisaged by SSCDL.

Meanwhile for SMAC, the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) has already roped in IBM to provide the operating system for the centre. SMC has developed a GIS platform with 12-13 layers for the project.

With the implementation of this pilot project, SSCDL will be able to monitor traffic movement, control the smart street lighting system and maintain a bird’s eye surveillance of the city from the SMAC. This centre will collect functioning information of all the departments and public on a real-time basis, as far as possible.

Automated sensors and systems will send various data sets to the SMAC, which will be analysed to avail important information to make decisions. It will help all the departments in maintaining civic service delivery standards on a day-to-day basis.

Meanwhile, SSCDL, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), is in the process of preparing a detailed project report as per the implementation plan given in the Smart City Proposal (SCP). As per the SCP, implementation of projects have been prioritised and bifurcated in a phased manner for the next five years from year 2016.

“After finalisation of DPR, tenders will be floated immediately according to the given implementation plan of SCP,” says Milind Torwane, Chairperson & Interim CEO, SSCDL.  

Other ‘quick-win’ projects in the pipeline are: fibre-to-home in the Pan-city project, smart (mechanised) parking at different locations, CCTV surveillance project (augmentation of existing facility) and bio-gas generation from organic waste.

As far as funds are concerned, the SPV has already received a Central government grant of Rs 194 crore and a state government grant of Rs 100 crore which will be utilised for Smart City projects under SCP as per mission guidelines.

Meanwhile, work has begun on the use of renewable energy under the SCP. About 25 per cent of the municipal corporation’s annual power requirement of 80 megawatt is self-generated through renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

While the Gujarat government has recommended PricewaterhouseCoopers and Tata Consultancy Engineering for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based solutions and infrastructure aspects of the smart city project, SMC has also been working with its own consultants such as Multimedia Consultants for water supply and MWH for sewerage management.

According to Jagdish Thadani, Engineer, SSCDL, “Talks are on for consultants for various retrofitting development areas. So far, SSCDL has partnered with Surat Agricultural Produce Market Committee for implementation of a biogas plant on a PPP model.”

Pan and Area-based development

As per the current plan of SSCDL, the SPV has envisaged an ambitious target of 24x7 water supply to the entire city area of 326 sq km by 2020, up from the current 19 sq km. It is expected that the city may see some headway later this month as far as the implementation process is concerned.

Under the Pan-city smart solution, the proposal looks to implement systems and services that cater to transport, mobility and connectivity. These include the Surat Integrated Transport-Mobility Administration Centre, automatic fare collection system, S-Connect Card Management System, fibre-to-home Wi-Fi connectivity and the SMAC.

For Area-based development, retrofitting smart solutions are to be implemented for 24x7 water supply, smart metering and quality, LED streetlights with seasonal timers, use of renewable energy sources, logistics park, incubation centre, skywalks, smart parking, recycle/reuse of waste water and affordable housing under the Smart Cities Mission.