Surat Municipal Corp’s Smart City projects go visual

Wed, 2016-12-21 11:45 -- SCC India Staff

Surat Smart City

The Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC), which has recently deployed India’s first Smart City Centre to monitor over 30 different operations for city management, will soon start the process of issuing tenders for seven new town planning schemes. It is expected that tenders worth Rs 150 crore will be issued for Umarwada, Magob, Anjana, Dumbhal and Parvat Paitya by thisweekend as a part of Surat’s seven town planning schemes which will deploy ‘Visual Impact Areas’ (VIAs).

In a brief conversation with the Council, M Nagarajan, Deputy Commissioner, SMC, said that the corporation is the process of completing a detailed project report for retrofitting water supply, sewerage, drainage and solid waste management. The scope of the project is yet to be finalised.

Importantly, SMC will retrofit the existing sewerage system with minimum hindrance to citizens and ensure management of the sewerage system through remote monitoring and operation through SCADA and automation of STPs and SPSs.

That apart, each VIA will have air & wastewater quality monitoring systems that will be installed at one location in each of the seven town planning schemes with retrofitting area of 2,167 acres (8.77 sq km).

Nagarajan explains that the VIAs will have LED screen displays that will inform citizens on air quality, multi-utility ducting, smart dustbins, smart lighting, smart street poles, roads with cycling tracks, smart parking, transportation and footpaths, among other things.

A population of approximately 5 lakh along with a 1 lakh floating population will be benefited due to the air & wastewater quality monitoring system.

It is expected that once this model is successful in the aforementioned towns, the same will be implemented across the city. These new town planning schemes would see retrofitting work, which will help create a clear visual impact of these VIAs.