Surat and Jamshedpur impress on infra services (Data plays the part)

Mon, 2017-01-30 10:28 -- SCC India Staff


Promotion of diversity in Government is considered to be a direct reflection of inclusiveness in governance. Two cities—Surat and Jamshedpur—are following the principle of inclusiveness. Globally, women continues to be under-represented in government, and increasing women’s participation in Government displays a commitment towards increasing gender parity.

However, the World Council on City Data (WCCD) ISO 37120 indicates that 50 per cent of Surat’s total elected officials to city-level offices are women. In fact, this is even higher than London with 30.77 per cent and Johannesburg with 38.5 per cent.

Jamshedpur scores high in education. Data indicates that Jamshedpur achieves a high level of female student enrollment of 99.3 per cent, which is greater than Bogota (98.7 per cent), Amsterdam (98 per cent) and Buenos Aires (96.8 per cent).

Access to continuous electrical services without interruptions is essential in ensuring reliability of a city’s electric utility services. According to WCCD data, Surat has an average of 0.03 electrical interruptions per consumer per year, which demonstrates the city’s capability to provide reliable electric services to its citizens. In fact, this is much lower than London with 0.19 electrical interruptions and Dubai with 0.14.

Jamshedpur has a reputation for providing high-quality, reliable infrastructure services. The city provides close to complete provision of authorised electrical services with 99.2 per cent. This electrical service is also reliable with an average of 1.8 service interruptions per year. The city’s water infrastructure is also reliable, with only 0.04 average annual hours of water service interruptions per household.

The data indicates that the percentage of water losses from the water system (13.2 per cent) is very low considering the standards of Indian cities. In fact, Indian cities have lower losses than Boston (14.2 per cent) and Taipei (16.7 per cent). That apart, Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company (JUSCO), the service provider for the city, is planning to invest in a new wastewater system that will achieve 100 per cent reuse of the water for horticulture and industrial use, a first in India.