SPV to oversee smart city plan works

Mon, 2016-02-01 12:48 -- SCC India Staff

Convergence wins the day for GVMC

A special purpose vehicle (SPV) will be formed for overseeing the works to be taken up under the smart city project at a total cost of Rs.1,600 crore.

The District Collector will be the chairman of the SPV and the Municipal Commissioner CEO with other stakeholders, including environment engineer, as members. It needs technical support for gap analysis.

What got the GVMC into the top 10 was its approach of convergence including the Rs.250 crore, World Bank-aided disaster management project with beach beautification, underground cabling by EPDCL and ongoing PPP projects, Municipal Commissioner Pravin Kumar told reporters here on Friday.

Like some other cities we did not propose complicated proposals at a cost of Rs. 5,000 crore, he said. On the other hand, the disaster management project would double as e-governance model.

In the 1,700 acres of the area proposed for development there are 18 to 20 slums too, he said.

A year-wise plan with timeline for completion of works relating 23 to 24 subjects, DPRs would be prepared and tenders would be called in the next, one to two months, he said. He said no new taxes would be levied. However, user charges will be collected. For instance, if someone wants 24x7 water supply meters would be fixed, he said.

IFR works

Mr. Pravin Kumar said a total of Rs.85 crore was spent on works relating to International Fleet Review (IFR). About Rs.18 crore was spent on roads, footpaths, lighting and sewage water diversion. The government has so far released Rs.25 crore.

The GVMC is spending another Rs.6 crore to Rs.7 crore on barricading 40 roads for smooth traffic flow, water supply, lighting of seven parking lots and holding areas and other miscellaneous works.

Besides, a total of 200 toilets would be set up at various places.

Source: The Hindu