Soon, Odisha to adopt Tamil Nadu’s model for solid waste management

Fri, 2019-12-06 15:09 -- SCC India Staff

Solid waste management

Solid waste management is a cause of concern for urban local bodies (ULBs) due to a rapid urbanization. In this view, the Urban Development Department of Odisha Government has decided to replicate Tamil Nadu’s model of Micro Composting Centre (MCC) for proper segregation and management of wet waste. The quantity and physical composition of solid waste is continuously changing with population, changing life styles, income and consumption patterns of people.

There is a strong need for proper solid waste disposal. Improper solid waste disposal may cause severe environmental and health hazards. In order to meet these challenges, the decentralised solid waste management is an effective solution to minimize the problems in urban areas.

The decision was taken after a visit of a high-level team led by Principal Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Department G Mathivathanan and Mission Director of Swachh Bharat Mission Sangramjit Nayak to the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Since the innovative model of the MCC is a proven technology, cost effective, community-driven and user-friendly, the civic bodies there have adopted it in their respective areas.

The Odisha Government has already issued a standard operating procedure (SOP) on solid waste management and asked all ULBs to engage Swachha Sathi in their respective wards.