Soon, CCTV cameras to track traffic violations in UP

Fri, 2019-11-08 10:42 -- SCC India Staff


In the coming months, do not be relieved if a traffic policeman does not catch you for not wearing a helmet. The challan for paying the fine may land later at your doorstep. CCTV cameras have been installed at various spots on MG Road and other parts of the city under the integrated traffic management system, which is a component of the Agra smart city project.

These CCTV cameras are connected with the smart city command and control centre developed at the Agra Municipal Corporation (AMC) headquarters on MG Road. Here traffic policemen will monitor the situation on computer screens and generate e-challans to drivers not wearing helmet or seat belt, skipping the red light, driving on the wrong side of the road or tripling on two wheelers.

Under the smart city project, a total of 1,216 CCTV cameras are planned to be placed in different parts of the city. Over 50 per cent work has been completed. In the first phase, major roundabouts and road interactions have been covered. Monitoring of cameras to identify the traffic rules violators has started through command and control centre, which is equipped with 32 computers and a big screen.

Superintendent of police, traffic, Prashant Kumar Prasad said, “Integrated traffic management system is being implemented in the city. Using CCTV cameras installed at major road crossings, we have started issuing e-challans from the command and control centre. The traffic violator will receive a message of challan on the registered phone number. The hard copy of the challan will be sent by post to the address of the driver who has violated a traffic rule”.