Solving India’s water problem (an IoT-led startup Faclon Labs finds a solution)

Thu, 2018-03-29 12:27 -- SCC India Staff
Circular water management
India’s growing economy means rising demand for water in an already water-stressed country. Despite being common, water is scarce. Tens of hundreds of villages and towns in India run out of water annually partly due to harsh weather conditions, and also because of poor water management. There is very little process and organisation in water management across rural and urban India, and Mumbai-based Internet of Things (IoT) startup Faclon Labs is out to correct that.

Faclon Labs has developed a product that mines data at water pumping stations in rural and urban locations, and offers rich insights to help build efficient water management systems.

Faclon Labs has built a solution using data mining technologies and predictive analytics to detect leaks, track supply, and provide insights on local water consumption patterns.

Its work focuses on ensuring efficient use of water in urban locations, where the natural resource is becoming increasingly scarce. What began as a college project in Maharashtra went on to become an IoT-enabled device solution deployed across 100-plus locations in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai.