With smartpur project 500 villages set to go digital in India

Fri, 2018-05-18 13:01 -- SCC India Staff

Digital Hub

Nokia is all set to develop 500 digitally integrated and sustainable villages across India, the company said in a release.  In phase I of the project, a pilot has been rolled out in Haryana and Tamil Nadu with Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) as the implementation partner to develop 10 such villages in each state.

In phase 1 of the project, 20 villages will be digitally integrated in Haryana and Tamil Nadu in a hub and spoke model. Tain village in Mewat district, Haryana and Asoor in Kanchipuram district, Tamil Nadu will serve as hubs which will host a digital center with telecom connectivity to provide ICT-enabled, primary services across each of the 5 pillars to rural community. The spoke centers will further extend these services to 9 other villages. In phase II, the project will be scaled-up to up to another 80 villages across various states. Subsequently, it will be extended to another 400 villages over a period of 5 years. The project will work under the five key areas of development - health, education, livelihood, governance and finance - to build a holistic, digitally integrated village.

According to the International Telecom Union ICT Facts and Figures, 20 percent of households in developed countries and as many as 66 % of households in developing countries do not have internet access, leaving almost 4 billion people from developing countries offline. Nearly a billion of these unconnected people live in India, and mostly in rural India.

With the Smartpur project, the company aims to create a sustainable ecosystem where community members can leverage digital tools to bring efficiency in daily lives, transparency in governance, economic prosperity for households and ease of access to various government services and information