‘Smart Technologies are as smart as the people that are going to use them’

Fri, 2015-09-18 17:39 -- SCC India Staff

KT Rama Rao, Panchayat Raj & IT minister, Telangana addresses the participants at the National Conclave on Smart Cities hosted by the Smart Cities Council India and the government of Telangana, which was held on 22-23 August, 2015.

KT Rama Rao said that he firmly believes that smart technologies, definitely are as smart as people that are going to use them. Hence, the people who are going to use them have to be prepared first.

He further added that 70 per cent of the Indian citizen still live in rural areas, out of which many of them are well educated, tech savvy and adaptable. Hence, the popular misconception that smart technologies is applicable only to urban cities is wrong.

Digital infrastructure and digital literacy are the two challenges which the Telangana government has to tackle, feels KT Rama Rao.