Smart signalling system to ease traffic chaos in Allahabad

Thu, 2019-12-12 12:03 -- SCC India Staff

Smart signalling system

Smart signalling system would ease traffic chaos at all the 38 Allahabad’s prominent crossings and intersections from January 1. The traffic police authorities are installing smart signalling systems at 23 crossings and inter sections to achieving Smart City status.

The smart signalling system has already been installed and made completely functional at 15 prominent crossings of the city including Traffic Chauraha, Rana Pratap crossing, UPPSC crossing, Dhobi Ghat crossing. SP (Traffic) Kuldeep Singh, said “Traffic Police Department is ensuring that smart signalling system at all 38 crossings and inter sections of the city would be functional by December 31. He added that smart signalling system is currently working at 15 intersections and would be functional at remaining crossing and intersections by December 31.

SP, meanwhile, said that smart signalling system would help department to maintain the undisturbed flow of traffic and strength of traffic policemen and homeguards would be utilized for other work. The installed smart traffic signalling with pedestrian crossing facility would also help traffic police to ease the traffic chaos on city roads especially Hindu hostel crossing and Hanuman temple chauraha.

Traffic police authorities have already conducted a survey to check number of vehicles passing through a crossing everyday and further fixing timing for red and green signals so that chaotic or long vehicles queue problem should not be an issue.

Commuters, however, feel that just by installing signals at crossings and intersections won’t ease the traffic problem. Civil Lines resident, Kunal Sharma said apart from smart traffic signalling system, police must ensure that rules were not violated as commuters continue to cross roads despite red signals. Majority of commuters often spotted crossing the red signals in presene of traffic policemen. When the traffic signalling system under first phase was installed at 15 main crossings of the city, the traffic police authorities had to deploy homeguards with ropes to stop commuters and asking them to follow signalling system and make it their habit.