Smart city projects up for grabs! (Kerala Road Fund Board floats tenders)

Thu, 2020-04-30 17:22 -- SCC India Staff


The Kerala Road Fund Board has invited bids for selection of contractor for development of smart roads and underground ducting including utility shifting of water supply and power lines in ABD area in Thiruvananthapuram of under Smart City Mission (PWD Roads). The scope of work includes construction of main carriage way, kerb, depressed kerb, medians, raised pedestrian crossings, junction improvements, footpaths, etc.

Construction of underground utility duct (continuous RCC / HDPE conduits) for accommodating electrical cables, communication cables and water pipelines. Construction/ modification of the junctions as per the design; provision of design features on the junctions such as tabletop crossing, kerbs as per turning radius as per the design; provision of tactile pavers in footpaths/ pedestrian pathways.

The work also includes provision of other features such as bollards, ramps for physically challenged, landscaping features, plantations with tree-guards, etc as per the approved execution drawings; and all parking lots will be tied in properly with the kerb for clear demarcation. The maintenance of landscaping works including watering, brush cutting, foliage trimming and replanting of specified plants, etc for a period of five years.