Smart City project: SMC gets first instalment of Rs 100 crore from Centre

Wed, 2016-04-27 09:49 -- SCC India Staff

With the incorporation of an SPV on March 31, Surat Smart City Development Limited (SSCDL), the special purpose vehicle that will oversee and implement Surat’s smart city plan, has received the first installment of Rs 100 crore from the Centre. The SSCDL has been given the target of June 25 to inaugurate the projects, a senior official of the SMC said.

The company will have an eight-member Board led by municipal commissioner Milind Torwane as chairman.

The other members are Rajesh Desai, chairman of Standing committee; Jatin Shah, City engineer; Jivan Patel of Department of Town Planning; C Y Bhat, Deputy Commissioner, SMC; Sharad Thaker, Deputy Commissioner (finance), SMC and Parikshita Rathod, Deputy Commissioner of Police.

Under the smart city project, Surat Municipal Corporation will work on two sections like retrofitting projects (area based development works) and Pan city (transport and connectivity). The SMC has selected seven Town Planning (TP) schemes in areas like Umarwada, Maghob, Anjana, Dumbhal and Parvat Patia.

Surat city engineer Jatin Shah said, “We have got the first cheque of Rs 100 crore under the Smart city project. The total cost of the project is of Rs 2,597 crore and we will get it from Central Government, State Government and some amount we will bear.”

He added, “The first installment of Rs 100 core would be used in the IT-MAC (Integrated transport mobility administration centre), Automatic Fare Collection System, Smart City Centre, S-Connect Management System and Connected Surat.”

Source: The Indian Express