This smart city from Bihar is using innovative technological initiatives to fight COVID-19 (other cities can take a cue)

Fri, 2020-05-15 16:58 -- SCC India Staff


Bhagalpur Smart City has been supporting the city administration in combating COVID-19 using various initiatives. The key initiatives taken up by BSCL include use of technology for spreading awareness; innovative IEC measures for sharing experience during lock-down periods; establishment of shelters for vulnerable population and distribution of supplies and food and other protection measures such as sanitizer preparation and distribution, mask and gloves distribution, disinfection tunnel and so on.

Use of IEC and technology for guiding and spreading awareness has been the cornerstone for BSCLs support to the city in fight against COVID-19.

BSCL supported the launch of mobile app – ‘Mera Bhagalpur’ and used it to create awareness, provide important information at a single point and engage people to keep their morale high during this pandemic period. ‘Mera Bhagalpur’ Mobile App has following features:

  • Daily city updates regarding COVID 19
  • Do’s and don’ts – to fight with COVID 19
  • Important announcement by government departments
  • List of doctors
  • Emergency numbers of all government departments
  • List of volunteers
  • Quick contact
  • BSCL channel

BSCL has effectively leveraged the power of Radio and FM Channel to reach out to the population and ensure that the right messages are disseminated.

Further, BSCL has taken initiative to support production of hand sanitizer and got the same distributed to government departments, corona warriors and residents. The Bhagalpur Municipal Corporation and BSCL mobilized manpower and machinery to tackle the challenge of availability of gloves and masks. In this regard, BSCL distributed masks and hand gloves to the government departments, corona warriors and residents.

To ensure that disinfection initiative was scaled up especially at vulnerable public spaces, BSCL manufactured and installed disinfection tunnels at Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College and Hospital, Mayaganj to sanitize all the health workers, incoming patients and citizens.