Smart Cities Mission - 1,333 projects worth Rs 506 bn completed

Wed, 2018-05-23 17:27 -- SCC India Staff

Smart Cities Mission

Smart City Mission has a lot of convergence with other missions like AMRUT, and some of the projects are implemented under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode. Around 1,333 projects worth Rs 50,626 crore have been completed or are under implementation / tendering stage. Overall projects worth Rs 2,03,979 crore have been identified for all 99 smart cities across the country.

Out of 99 Smart cities, which have been selected so far, 91 of them have already incorporated special purpose vehicles (SPVs). Nine smart cities—Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara, Visakhapatnam, Bhopal, Pune, Kakinada, Surat and Nagpur—have already established Integrated City Command and Control Centres (ICCC).  Work is under progress on 14 smart cities, and 32 cities are under tendering stage.

Smart road projects worth Rs 228 crore have been completed in four cities and projects worth 5,123 crore are under implementation/tendering stage in 40 cities. Smart solar projects in six cities have been completed, while projects in 49 cities are under implementation/tendering.  Smart water projects have been completed in six cities while projects are under implementation in 43 cities. Similarly, smart waste water projects in 46 cities have been completed or are under implementation/tendering stage.

PPP projects worth Rs 734 crore have been completed in 13 cities while projects worth Rs 7,753 crore are under implementation/tendering in 52 cities.  Apart from this, other impactful projects (worth Rs 107 crore) like heritage conservation, water front development, public space development, etc. have been completed in 13 cities and projects worth Rs 5,865 crore are under implementation/tendering.