Smart Cities Council Partnership Program

Sat, 2017-04-08 07:36 -- SCC India Staff

As swelling urban populations put enormous strain on aging, frail infrastructure and the delivery of basic human services, city leaders desperately need help. 

They need a trusted, neutral advisor to educate them on the transformative power of technology to solve their daunting infrastructure challenges.

The Smart Cities Council provides that help – and so much more! We are a member-driven network of the world’s leading companies providing solutions to the public sector. We advise cities on global best practices to help get them from confusion to activity.   

We are currently accepting new Partners to help us achieve our mission of building a more livable, workable, and sustainable world.

Download our Partner Prospectus to learn how Smart Cities Council can help you:

  • Get access to city decision-makers in action-mode
  • Shorten sales cycles by focusing on cities making decisions
  • Expand your partner ecosystem

Learn all about partnership benefits, opportunities and fees in the Council's 2017 Partner Prospectus. Get your copy now.

Interested in what some of our Partners have said about the Council's value to them? Watch this brief video.