Smart Cities Council to launch India Readiness Guide on February 10

Mon, 2016-01-18 17:29 -- SCC India Staff

The Smart Cities Council India, which has been formed to promote development of smart cities, on Wednesday said it would release the India Readiness Guide on February 10 that will help urban planners understand the framework of a smart city and take steps to improve infrastructure.

Speaking at an event here Pratap Padode, founder and director, Smart Cities Council, said the India Readiness Guide is the first collaborative and comprehensive framework for a smart city, against which cities in India can assess their readiness to innovate. He described the guide as a conceptual roadmap to address growth strategies by focusing on policies that unite key areas such as energy, transportation, water and public safety.

“India is likely to spend US $ 50 billion on smart cities in the next five years,” Mr Padode said, emphasising the need for a proper blueprint for development.

“Of this a sum of US $ 35 million has already been provided for 100 smart cities for making city development plans. Further, in 2016-17, US $600 million will be spent directly by the cities by issuing request for proposals,” he added.

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Source : The Hindu