Smart Cities Advisory Services

Tue, 2015-09-22 11:41 -- SCC India Staff


Advisory Process Diagram

Cities are at the threshold of a new golden age. Smart technologies can dramatically improve urban livability, workability and sustainability while also saving money.

The Smart Cities Council India puts cities on the path to smart city success by teaching them a holistic, integrated approach.

The Council's unique approach

The Council has strong capabilities in applying the well-tested Readiness Guide principles to generate a “system of systems” roadmap for optimal economic, social and environmental outcomes. Our approach offers at least four unique advantages:

    • Integrated, cross-cutting approach that optimizes for the city as a whole

    • Strict vendor neutrality that delivers impartial advice to safeguard cities and preserve their choices

    • Deep experience in smart, sustainable projects

    • More valuable deliverables using modern semantic technology in addition to standard flat files

And the Council brings unmatched experience and expertise to the table. We are a commercial consortium representing the most advanced and expert companies, universities and individuals developing smart cities. Our network includes 40+ companies (including many of the world’s premier smart city practitioners) and 75+ expert advisors, including two national laboratories and 11 universities from seven countries.

How our Advisory Services help cities

The Council's Advisory Services are typically offered to governments (city, state or federal), banks (domestic and international) and private real estate developers. These services are offered for projects ranging in scale from neighborhood districts to towns and cities, and for both greenfield projects and existing areas.


Philip Bane, Executive Director
Smart Cities Council
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