Smart buses, public bike sharing and many more for Gwalior

Tue, 2018-04-10 11:50 -- SCC India Staff
Gwalior city
Gwalior in a quest to become smart is implementing various smart projects. The city has number of projects in the pipeline. To begin with, the city will implement smart buses, which will run inter and intra-city. In addition, the city is implementing public bike sharing and smart road projects. Most of the projects which are already popular in the Smart Cities Mission will be implemented in Gwalior. That apart, the city authority is planning some innovative projects such as central library, kiosks in various colleges and universities, and so on.  
At present, Gwalior Smart City Development Corporation is undertaking 71 projects in 11 modules with a total funding of Rs 22 billion. 
Says MahipTejasvi, Chief Executive Officer, Gwalior Smart City Development Corporation, “As of now, we have received Rs 4 billion from the government as a grant. That said, we are just not depending on the government funds, be it state or central. We are also considering conversion projects under various government schemes and exploring fund-raising options. Till now, we have tendered around 18 projects worth Rs 600 million, of which 7–8 projects have already drawn bids.”