This small Vienna suburb is now a living lab!

Thu, 2018-10-25 15:51 -- SCC India Staff


Despite not being the first smart city in the world, one of Vienna’s suburb is now a living lab. The lab is powered by data from Teradata and partners like Siemens. As the city started coming up in 2014, Aspern’s underground connections for data infrastructure and analytics capabilities were integrated from the ground up. Including apartments, offices, business areas, research quarters and school campus, the total size of Aspern smart city is 2.2 million metre square. However, the focus is mainly on smart buildings, smart grid, smart user and smart ICT that will be at the centre of the city.

Vienna’s partnership with Teradata for data has managed to build intelligent connected network, homes and offices. David Socha, who established the utilities practice at Teradata International, finds energy management interesting than the automated lighting or smart refrigerators. According to Socha, when it comes to Internet of Things (IoT), a lot more things in home management could be made to do by the smart assistants. “Perhaps, the primary purpose of Alexa and Google Assistant was to gather information, but after that there are so many other things these companies can do because they have that touch point with the consumers. How difficult is it for you to say, ‘Alexa, fix that for me,’ and suddenly, they become the centre of home management entirely rather than just being someone with the help of whom you order pizza,” added Socha.

Citizen 360 is Teradata’s offering that essentially lets the city understand its residents and visitors much better with the help of data techniques that are blended with customer journey analytics. In India, this same mechanism is applied by the Rajasthan Government to enhance citizen services by analysing state-level data using data analytics solutions by the company.

“This is phase one and the city of Vienna will direct where to go forward. We expected them to go for travel and transportation next, but that did not happen,” he added. Though Aspern is in its first phase, Socha expects that security and healthcare would be its second phase.