Shillong has to cross several hurdles to get 'Smart City' tag

Wed, 2015-09-02 15:24 -- SCC India Staff


After the Assam government nominated Shillong for the Centre’s ambitious ‘100 Smart Cities’ project, there has been more skepticism rather than optimism on the ‘Smart City’ project among the people of Shillong, according to a local newspaper.

A cross section of people and political leaders, in the Assamese city, felt that no amount of money pumped in from the Centre can make Shillong a ‘Smart City’ unless there is proper enforcement of law coupled with ensuring civic sense.

Land acquisition hurdles, space constraints to widen city roads and to construct flyovers, and choked drains come in the way of Shillong becoming a 'Smart City', reported The Shillong Times.

Rules were framed in the past against ban on beggars, use of plastic and ban on smoking in public places, but there was no enforcement from any quarters.

The urban and municipal affairs department had even planned hawkers' zones in parts of the city, but this too did not materialise.

Sharing their views, former Chief Secretary HWT Syiem was quoted as saying that there is a need for comprehensive plan to address the issue of land acquisition, traffic and poor drainage system which is definitely a constraint for Shillong to be developed as a ‘Smart City’.

"Corruption will also have to be reduced while implementing the project ," Syiem added.