Self-Navigating Roads in HappiCities (Bye bye Google Maps)

Fri, 2018-03-23 14:27 -- SCC India Staff
Self navigation
There are two types of solutions to a hard problem. One that solves the problem and the other that solves the root cause of the problem. Of course both are necessary depending on the situation and use case.
One of the major problems of urbanization in 20th Century was navigating around the city. Unplanned road network cutting across cities made it difficult for the residents to find their way to the destination. Additionally, giving user friendly names to roads instead of simple numbering system made it impossible to navigate within the city. Technology giant Google invested millions & billions to create the most complex & user friendly navigation technology called Google Maps which is by far the most successful navigation tool used by almost everyone in world to help navigate within a city, district or the country with ease. It does address the problem.
Howver, the root cause of the problem remains unsolved. Most of the modern planned cities, specifically in India such as Gandhinagar and Chandigarh adopted a simple grid iron road network or a radial road network with the intention of managing traffic efficiently. Unfortunately most Indian cities which saw unprecedented growth in last couple of decades followed organic road network pattern, which is a rather polite of saying “unplanned road network”.
However, none of the existing road patterns consider ease of navigation as one of the tenets of the design.
HappiCities are designed to have a unique and innovative “Metro Address System” which is essentially a combination of hierarchical road network, addressing system & road signage that enables residents of the city to navigate to any address without Google maps. This system addresses the root cause of the problem of navigation within a city.
The resident of a HappiCity only need to know the 8 digit alpha-numeric handle of the destination. The road will guide the resident to his destination through simple mechanism of Metro UI signage along the roads and sidewalks. The best part of such a system is that any person who is resident of one HappiCity can now easily navigate within any other HappiCity due to the common general knowledge of “Metro Address System”.
Indian cities today have a very inefficient addressing system. More often the addresses contains relation to a landmark like ‘Behind the Banyan Tree”, or “Near Bata Showroom” etc. In HappiCities, you just need to print the 8 digit alpha-numeric unique handle on the envelope and rest assured that it’ll reach its destination.
This is how HappiCities innovates navigation within the city, redefines the meaning of “smartness” in a city and raises the bar of a “Smart” city !