See how this village in Uttarakhand enjoys Wi-Fi without electricity

Wed, 2018-06-06 11:47 -- SCC India Staff


A remote village in Uttarakhand where electricity is a distant dream is now enjoying high speed Wi-Fi without any grid power.

Operated on a solar power, the newly installed Wi-Fi network in the village by the State’s Information Technology Development Agency (ITDA) has brought about a significant change in the lives of residents. In the village school, for example, administrators have taken refuge in the internet to make up for the lack of teachers for subjects like economics, political science, english, and geography.

Back in January, the ITDA had begun work in Ghes to set up an internet connection. However, there was one major problem—the village was located 30 km away from the last electrified village in the state. When a six-member State Wide Area Network (SWAN) team of the Uttarakhand government travelled 300 km from Dehradun, they went looking for “any possibility” of setting up an internet connection in the village.

Within one month, however, officials set up RF antennas in Ghes and another neighbouring village Himini, alongside solar panels and 2 KVA inverters. In addition to Ghes and Himini, the SWAN team set up RF antennas in another two nearby villages. The total budget for this entire venture was Rs 34 lakh.

By the second week of March, the local government college received a computer and projector, following which the rest of the village went online. Those within a 200-metre radius of the college can access the Wi-Fi network. Nonetheless, the Wi-Fi network is undergoing some teething problems, as the network is run on solar power. Inclement weather, which often results in poor sunlight, is having a deleterious effect on connectivity since the entire network is run on solar power.