See how video analytics help track criminal activities

Fri, 2018-11-16 12:40 -- SCC India Staff

video analycs

Smart cities is the talk of the town. Video content analysis is the capability of automatically analyzing video to detect and determine temporal and spatial events. Video analytics are software applications that generate descriptions of what is happening in the video that can be used to track persons and other objects detected in the video stream. There are a rising number of criminal activities and due to this companies need to constantly innovate to deliver products that are futuristic.

Security and surveillance are an integral part of all societies. With the government’s smart city projects gaining momentum, there is a dire need of new age IP Video integrated end to end solutions to deliver high business value. Axis has been working closely with different cities in India. Its surveillance solutions have been deployed across the city of Bhavnagar, Kolhapur, Junagadh and Nanded. The solutions have been extremely effective for traffic management in the city, identifying criminals and crowd management in pilgrims or tourist places. It has helped law enforcement authorities to real-time tracking of crimes and has enabled better governance and civic administration.

The recent community CCTV Nenu Saitham project in Hyderabad City Command has been proactive in adopting a one-of-its kind smart surveillance implementation. This will track, monitor and analyse the video feed for detecting criminal activities, traffic violations and road conditions real time. The Government after seeing a drop in the overall crime rate post implementation of CCTV have decided to invest 15 lakh cameras across the state in the next three years.

Video surveillance systems produce massive amounts of video. Due to lack of time or resources most of this video never gets watched or reviewed. As a result, security incidents get missed and suspicious behaviour is not detected in time to prevent unfortunate incidents. These challenges have played a large part in the development of video analytics.