See how Surat plans to create digitally-inclusive urban space

Fri, 2019-03-22 11:37 -- SCC India Staff


The Surat Smart City Development (SSCDL) has developed that will create a digitally-inclusive urban space through interactive service delivery points. The project targets space creation in public open spaces, the creation of additional service delivery points, for various civic and administrative services, and creation of a participatory environment, in addition to addressing safety concerns. It includes the creation of seating space for waiting, rest or evening recreation for senior citizens, children, adults, females etc., at major locations like gardens/parks, street footpath, major bus stations etc. The project will also encourage self-service through smart kiosks like banking, along with space creation rather than personal visit at civic centres.

It is expected that the digitally-proven the project will provide citizens with information related to weather, air pollution, bus timing, important announcements etc. at any time during morning walk or while in transit. Enabling real-time feedback from citizens to civic administration on various services and needs through this project. Provisioning with CCTV surveillance to ensure the security of the infrastructure, as well as citizens within the vicinity of the urban space, created. Introduction of Surat Money card, with an additional channel whereby citizens can pay their fees and payments for civic services.

The major physical infrastructural components of the project will include Smart Connect, smart kiosk, environmental sensors, smart eye, smart billboards and public announcement systems, smart space creation with USB charging sockets, integration with City Command Control Centre, solar panels, and smart LED lights.

The project aims at improving the quality and user experience of public service delivery by providing one-stop smart solution, providing information access on the fly, ensuring additional service delivery points for the convenience of citizens, and, providing an integrated view of all services to ULBs and hence, facilitating the decision-making.

The project is proposed to meet the expectations of citizens and provide digitally inclusive services across the city. Through the creation of digitally inclusive urban space, Surat Smart City will enhance the quality of life for citizens by means of real-time information about important announcements, weather conditions, air pollution level, etc.

The project will utilize state-of-the-art technology comprising of solar panels, sensors, interactive screens etc., which will be integrated with the state of art Integrated City Command Control Centre for monitoring and real-time update. The city has undertaken multiple projects in the field of space creation and ICT including Internet of Things (IoT) devices.


  • The proposed project is a digitally inclusive plan.
  • The project will promote digital inclusion by providing public Wi-Fi services at each digitally inclusive space and hence, bridging the digital gap between different strata of society.
  • The project will help to achieve the cashless culture within Surat city by simplifying their payment of fees, property tax, water bill etc.
  • The project is eco-friendly as it uses solar panels to power all IOT devices.
  • The air quality and weather sensors at each digitally inclusive space will facilitate real-time information on air quality.
  • The integration of these sensors with Integrated Command Control Centre would enable civic administration to take innovative corrective actions.


  • The project uniquely bundles together space creation and digital services
  • The IT components will be integrated with the Smart Poles as well as the transactional kiosks proposed
  • The project bundles together various citizen-centric services in terms of scalability, reliability, and usability with real-time information
  • The project envisages various innovative revenue generation avenues such as: smart billboards, kiosks, and paid premium Wi-Fi, etc.