See how a small US town is taking cybersecurity very seriously (Indian cities can take a cue)

Wed, 2017-11-22 15:40 -- SCC India Staff

Cyber security

As governments worldwide focus to become smarter, smart city governments need to use emerging technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data. In this regards, Cisco is relaunching its smart cities data aggregation platform to represent increased cybersecurity. Cisco’s Smart+Connected Digital, a cloud-based software platform, is now called Cisco Kinetic For Cities. At present, 34 cities—including Las Vegas; Kansas City, Missouri; and Cary, North Carolina—are using the platform. The reason for the change in focus was because the company asserts that 75 per cent of IoT projects are failing due to insufficient security measures.

Larry Payne of Cisco told that Smart+Connected Digital is a solution that provides connectivity as well as analytics and security to multiple devices, such as sensors, streetlights, and video cameras.

Cary, a municipality of roughly 1,62,000 people just west of Raleigh, is using the platform to tie together its growing host of sensor-based devices. Nicole Riamundo, Chief Information Officer of Cary, said that the municipality is using a living lab approach, testing the technology on its campus and first building confidence in the solutions before committing to scaling them out.

The campus’ IoT technologies consist of sensors that monitor parking availability, a software-enabled camera that tracks foot traffic, and remote-controlled lights that are not yet connected to the platform. Riamundo told that using APIs has made it easy to integrate its devices into the platform and is expected to make management of a growing IoT ecosystem easier for government in the future.

The new technologies are supporting the town’s downtown revitalization effort, which includes a new park. There are still five acres of the park left to develop, Riamundo said, and they will use the camera to monitor crowds and direct future development or adjust services and parking during events.

“I look at all the smart technologies and all the data we are able to gather and analyze as really the best mechanism for us as a town to make sure we are delivering the best services possible,” Riamundo said. “At the end of the day, I think everything is going to be connected and I think the more that we connect technology, the more we connect as a community, because it gives us touchpoints with our citizens.''