See how New Delhi and Kakinada is performing in Smart City Mission

Tue, 2018-03-27 10:27 -- SCC India Staff
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New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) Smart City has already issued tenders for seven projects and work orders for 14 projects, while work has been completed on 32 projects. “DPRs have been approved for the commercial development of Yashwant Place at Rs 88.92 crore and Shivaji Bus Terminal to international standards at Rs 39.6 crore,” says Juhi Mukherjee, CEO, NDMC Smart City. 
She adds that DPRs are under preparation for the pedestrianisation of Connaught Place (Rs 20 crore); provision of citywide Wi-Fi at identified hotspots (Rs 25 crore); sensor-based multi-utility duct in NDMC area (Rs 2 crore); incubation centre (Rs 2.5 crore); a waste-to-energy plant (10 tpd waste bio-methanisation project) at Okhla (Rs 4 crore); smart roads with world-class street furniture (Rs 20 crore); landscaping of fountains and vertical gardens at 17 avenue roads (Rs 10 crore); and Phase-1 of smart water – 24 x 7 water supply (Rs 2.8 crore).
In case of Kakinada, the city has 42 projects under the Smart City Mission. The ABD under the smart city spans 5.5 sq km with 18 projects amounting to Rs 459.78 crore, while pan-city developments are budgeted at Rs 684.29 crore with 24 projects. 
“Under the Smart City mission, we have completed about six projects at Rs 18.5 crore, informs Sujay Arun, CEO, Kakinada Smart City Development. He adds that 23 projects worth Rs 520.89 crore are under implementation (SPV and convergence), eight projects worth Rs 107.50 crore are under bid process (SPV and convergence), while new SPV projects under preparation (DPR and RFP) include 11 projects worth Rs 517.52 crore. Projects under implementation include upgradation of school infrastructure, development of Gandhinagar Park, rehabilitation and development of Vivekananda Park, 2 MW rooftop solar PV power plant, system integrator for ICT solutions, among others. “Projectsworth
Rs 947.01crore are expected to be completed during 2019-2020,” adds Arun.