See how mobile technology is transforming lives in Taudhakpur, UP

Wed, 2018-03-21 16:57 -- SCC India Staff

Digital education

Although rural India faces a number of challenges—frequent power outages, scarcity of safe drinking water, poor farm productivity, difficulty in transporting farm produce to the markets and poor education facilities—yet digital technology can surely bring a revolution.

Taudhakpur (Mirzapur), a remote village with limited services in Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh is now emerging at the speed of light. The village records the construction of 243 toilets within 48 hours, the highest ever in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The village has a Wi-Fi zone in addition to 18-20 hours power supply. Furthermore, CCTV cameras, public address systems at various junctions have been installed aiding the village to get smarter day by day.

This all was possible because of Yogesh Sahu, a young entrepreneur from Mumbai along with his friend Rajnish Bajpai, a software professional working abroad, had jointly contemplated the idea of transforming rural India, using mobile technology and Internet of Things. This vision further led to the development of a mobile-based application called ‘Smartgaon’.

Their vision was to reconstruct the villages of India so that it will become as easy and natural as possible for the villagers as it is to the people of the city.

The smart village mission is to increase economic development and improve the quality of life of people to develop and utilize the young development and business opportunities. The idea of the smart village program is to transform the village into a digitally empowered community so that villagers can be connected around the world.