See how Indore, Agra, Vadodara and Jabalpur are getting smarter

Fri, 2018-03-16 13:07 -- SCC India Staff


India's Smart Cities Mission (SCM) is progressing well. At present, projects worth Rs 135,459 crore in 2,855 projects are in various stages of implementation. About 147 projects worth Rs 1,872 crore have been completed and 396 projects at a cost of Rs 14,672 crore are currently under implementation. Further, tendering has started for 283 projects at a cost of Rs 16,549 crore and detailed project reports (DPRs) are being prepared for 2,029 projects worth Rs 102,366 crore. What’s more, progress with respect to implementation of projects pertaining to smart solutions, smart roads, smart water and solar rooftops is underway.

Consider this: Vadodara has completed Phase-1 of the Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) project. It includes CCTV surveillance, smart traffic management, GIS mapping platform, smart public transport (city bus tracking), solid waste vehicle tracking, environment sensors, emergency call box management, smart parking management, fire-brigade control, etc. Vadodara has also the first phase of its Public Wi-Fi Services and iPoles Project, comprising of 12 intelligent poles with Public Wi-Fi facility and smart billboards commissioned in a record 45 days.The project is being done entirely on PPP model for first time in India under the Smart Cities mission.

Further, Jabalpur has a functional multi-level parking at Manas Bhawan with capacity for 37 cars, which it completed at Rs 2.17 crore within 60 days. It has also undertaken RFID tagging – tracking and monitoring of household waste collection and community bins. Out of 2.50 lakh houses, 150,000 have been tagged. Another project worth mentioning is the smart classroom project for 20 classes of five municipal schools. These smart classrooms integrate voice-recognition, computer-vision, and tele-education, multimedia and network technology.

Agra too, is working on a war footing mode to implement various projects under its smart city plans. It had recently implemented the Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) project on PPP mode under pilot basis near Taj Mahal area. A Facial Recognition System (FRS) project under PoC (Proof of Concept) was also recently launched. Under convergence projects, Agra has already approximately Rs 220 crore projects completed.

Indore has completed 13 projects worth Rs 35.17 crore under its Smart Cities mission. Some of these include the conservation and restoration of Krishnapura Chhatris at Rs 3 crore; construction of seven community toilets and public toilets at Rs 1.55 crore; supply, installation, implementation and maintenance of GPS-based Vehicle Tracking Solution (VTS) for municipal solid waste, CCTV cameras at community and public toilets and integration of weighbridge at Devguradia Landfill Site at Rs 1.29 crore; app for citizen and safai mitra for data compilation on primary and secondary waste collection at Rs 1.15 crore; among others.